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new single 'New Perspective'

Seamus Finnigan: 07.10.2009 Brendon and I have been hard at work in the studio writing and doing demos of new songs for all of you. Here is a clip of a new demo we recorded this past week...it's called 'Oh Glory.' We're really excited about the new songs were working on and can't wait to release more. In a few weeks we'll set out on the Blink-182 tour which is still unbelievable to us. They're the reason I started playing music, and I can't wait to be a part of something so to close me. Check back soon for more updates and our new single 'New Perspective.' Sincerely, Spencer of Panic! At The Disco тут можно послушать отрывок

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Seamus Finnigan: If I wake in the morning I only need two more miracles to be a saint Everything I promised everyone I'd be Well I just aint Lately, it seems like Everybody's sick, everybody's dying Built myself a wall of unhappy hearts And only my heart knows my head is lying, lying Oh Glory..

Flying: после этого еще,кажется, New perspective выложили.

Sapfiras: Flying ага. она есть даже целиком, правда запись ужасная, но она класс

Lusine: Sapfiras а дай ссылку пжл в ЛС напиши...

Bren's apples: Lusine она есть уже и в нормальном виде )))

Lusine: Bren's apples и где?

Bren's apples: нуэ....в группе,там есть

Sapfiras: Lusineв этом же разделе, тема: *где можно скачать песни P!ATD*

Lusine: извените...я новичок... и не разбераюсь(((

Sapfiras: Lusine ничего

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